Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Re-Unite Restarts Tomorrow - Re-Unite resumes Wednesday, September 2. Supper is at 6:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall (prepared COVID compliant). We will follow with a couple of songs, prayer, and a lesson study led by Pastor Hiram at 6:30. There will only be 1 class (sorry no childcare or children's program at this time) due to the pandemic.
Per local ordinance, social distancing should be followed and masks should be worn when within 6 feet of someone not of your household (except when eating). 

Hiram Rester | Pastor, Columbia and Boonville, MO

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Previously on One-Minute Update....

SERVICE TIME CHANGE - Starting tomorrow Sabbath School begins at 10am and Church Service starts at 11am.

SABBATH SCHOOL UPDATES - Refresh SS will meet in the school chapel starting again tomorrow and another adult class will meet in the church sanctuary. Teen SS class will also restart tomorrow. Younger age SS classes will not yet reopen.

LIVE STREAM - Church service will be live streamed at 11am. The temporary Sabbath School live stream has now ceased.

EARLY SERVICE BEGINS SEPT. 12 - This is a special service especially for those who are needing to take special precautions during the pandemic and for their families. Temperature checks, reception of hand sanitizer, and masks (for the entirety of the service) are required. Two rows will be left empty between those in attendance. It will be a short service with no singing (as singing is said to pose a transmission risk) and should conclude by 9:45. 

SCHOOL BEGINS - Our College Park Christian Academy's first day of school is Wednesday, Aug. 19.

FUNERAL - Services for Celestine Anyanwu (Eugenia's Husband) are tomorrow - Saturday, August 8 - at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 105 Waugh Street, Columbia. Visitation is 12:00 to 1:00 PM. The service is from 1:00 - 2:00 PM.

RESPONSES NEEDED - CHURCH SERVICE OPTION: We are considering adding an additional service at 9:00 am Sabbath mornings that might be more appealing to those who are isolating during this pandemic. Temperature checks, using hand sanitizer and masks would be required for entry. We would need 25 committed to attending. Presently I know of 3. So, please let me know if you have an interest by replying to this email.

MID-WEEK SERVICE - Re-unite will not be back until the pandemic restrictions ease up. In its place, we are planning a mid-week service to be held in the sanctuary. During these challenging times we need to come together to study and pray even more. Presently we anticipate beginning Sept. 2 @ 6:30 PM in the church.

Church Member's Husband Passed Away - Eugenia Anyanwu's husband, Celestine, passed away Monday evening. Please pray for the family during this sad and difficult time. Celestine had a long battle with cancer and had been in hospice care the last few weeks. Plans for services have not been finalized.

Masks Required Due To City Ordinance - The Columbia City Counsel has passed a "mask ordinance" which is in effect for the next 90 days. "A mask will be required in all instances where it can not be expected to stay at least 6 feet away from people outside of the immediate household." https://www.como.gov/CMS/pressreleases/view.php?id=6920&tbiframe=1To comply, we would need masks when we enter and exit the building and if seated within 6 foot of someone not of our household.
Offering For Local COVID 19 Projects - Our offering this week will go to our local Community Services fund to help with local projects and needs affected or brought about from the pandemic.

Virtual Camp Meeting - Remember, camp meeting starts tonight at 6:30 and continues through Saturday! To see the full schedule and watch online, go to: imsda.org/campmeeting/

Resters New Home - We prayerfully made the commitment to put down roots and purchase a home. We are further north to be closer to Sunnydale Academy, and look forward to having you all to our home once we are settled in.
No Church Service This Sabbath - Members are encouraged to worship by viewing the Virtual Camp Meeting.
Church Capacity Increase: Boone County now allows us to have 50% capacity for church service - which is around 120+ in attendance and we will be back at church June 13 - after camp meeting. We continue to support the decisions of all who feel the need to remain home.
Church & SS: For the remainder of the month we plan to meet as we did last week. After that, we may re-evaluate. We continue to have one adult SS class in the sanctuary (no children's SS) at 10 am, followed by church at 10:45. Those who feel the need to shelter in place should continue to do so. But please know we are thinking of you

From Andrew Grey: "Hey church family. For those who have been watching the live stream church service each week. Please consider giving it a thumbs up!  This does more than express your positive regard. It also increases the chance that people will see the live stream listed and possibly watch it. (At least this is my understanding)"

Congratulations To All Our Graduates! We have cards ready at church tomorrow (for those who are there). We are so proud of and thankful for each one. Please let us know if you are aware of others!

Photo Ministry Launching: We have noticed a need for more pictures from our service and church activities. James Simelus has consented to lead out and organize this for us. If you are willing take pictures for a Sabbath every 4-6 weeks, please let James know. He can be reached by phone at 573.639.0614 or by email: jsimelus@me.com

Church Service Plans For May 9:   First, if you feel the need to remain sheltered-in-place please do not attend. Both Sabbath School and Church Service will be live streamed, as we have done over the past several weeks.
We will have only 1 Sabbath School class this week. It will begin 10:00 am and is an adult class in the Sanctuary.
Church starts at 10:45 am. The aisles will be widened and every other row is to remain empty. The basement door will be our entrance and the foyer door will be our exit (handicapped exceptions will be made). There will not be a bulletin. Tithes and offering will continue to be accepted online or by mail, and may also be dropped in the prayer box in the foyer.
Words of Thanks: "I want to thank the church for for the beautiful pot of annual flowers for our porch.  Losing a loved one is always difficult, but I am grateful for a supportive church family." ~ Joe Parmele

Death in Parmele Family: We are saddened to let you know that Joe's dad, Earl Parmele, passed away on Saturday at age 100. Please keep Joe and his family in your prayers during this time of grief.

One Call Church Service Poll:  Tomorrow you will receive a One Call Now "poll."  You will be asked if you plan to return to church this coming week, should we have service. You can then press "1" for yes or "2" for no.
You will have to answer the call to participate, as this feature won't work from your voicemail. This information will assist the elders and church board in determining if we need to plan for more than one church service, as social distancing requirements only allow us to have approximately 60 persons in the sanctuary at a time.
*It is my personal opinion our elderly and anyone immunocompromised should seriously consider continuing to 'shelter in place.' I have strongly advised my own father to continue to do so.

Blessings Pantry:  Many thanks to Joe, Pat, and Dale for our Blessings Pantry at the church (a picture is attached). This is a tangible way to help meet a real and practical need in the community. You may add food items to it at any time and if you need something, by all means make use of it. 


Thanking Our Medical Personnel We are looking to acknowledge and thank those of our church family who have been serving in all facets and ares of the medical field during this ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We want to make sure no one gets overlooked so please send the names of all you can think of to pauletta.berry@gmail.com.
Facebook Hour Of Prayer Friday Evening:   Join us for an hour of prayer to bring in the Sabbath this Friday at 7:03 pm. Please post prayer requests and respond to prayer requests on the church Facebook page.
Nature Hike This Sabbath:   You are invited to an informal hike at Rock Bridge state park this Saturday afternoon at 2 pm. Take pictures of your hike and post them to the church Facebook page. You will likely see others from our church family there. Remember to social distance.
Restarting Church Meetings:   We may start to meet again (for those who are comfortable doing so) as soon as May 9. The elders have discussed a two-service option to allow us to properly social distance according to the city's requirements. If we understand the requirements correctly, we can have up to 25% of our capacity in attendance, which is about 60 persons. The elders will have this processed with the church board soon and we will get you more information and details next week. Live stream will continue for those who feel they need to continue to shelter in place.
Newsletters: There are two newsletters I suggest you sign up for:
- The Iowa-Missouri Conference Newsletter comes out weekly and is important to keep us all updated. Subscribe by clicking the button at the top left corner.
-The North American Division Newsletter has news and information from the Adventist church across North America. Click the word "subscribe" in the middle of the brown box at the bottom of the page.
One Minute Update Purpose: The One-Minute Update is a tool to provide news & information in a concise and easy format. It is designed for items that have not yet been included, rather than reoccurring announcements. That way, you can always know its worth one-minute of your time, with no repeats. It goes out on an as-needed basis.
Sharing Opportunity: You can share the prophecy seminar videos with your friends and family: studyrevelation.com/videos. The first message is very applicable for current issues, as it is about signs of the times. Encourage folk to watch these in order.
Church Facebook Page: We are improving communication in many areas! One that can be very helpful is our church facebook page. Thanks to Heather F. for overseeing that page. We are grateful for the regular updates. Go follow / like the page, so that you will see reminders and information posted.
Sabbath School Stream: Do you miss Sabbath School class? This coming Sabbath, April 4, we will stream an Adult SS at 10. Use the link on our website for the church service. Just log on earlier!  https://www.columbiasdachurch.com/
Sabbath School Quarterly Pick-up: Joe Parmele will be at the church from 4-5 tomorrow (Friday, April 3) so you can pick up a quarterly if you like.  The quarterly is also available online.
Prayer Care: We are a church that prays for each other. Use your church directory to pray for people by name. 
  • March 29-April 4 Families A-B
  • April 5-11 Families- C
  • April 12-18 Families D
  • April 19-25 Families E-G
  • April 26-May 2 Families H
Member Care: Do you have a need or need any assistance? Let Pastor Hiram know:  (417) 848-7650

Okay, so maybe a two-minute update this week ... :)

  • Church Online This Sabbath: Please join us as we live stream our worship service this Sabbath at 10:45 am. Sorry, it is only available online. Here is the link: https://www.columbiasdachurch.com/sermons-live-sat-1045am
  • Sabbath School: Would you like to go through your SS lesson or take your kids through theirs? If so, you can get the lessons online. Here is the link: https://ssnet.org/
  • How To Give: Some members have asked how to return tithes and give offerings with church not meeting. You can do so online at this link: Columbia SDA Giving. You may also mail checks to: 1100 College Park Dr., Columbia, MO 65203
  • A Way To Help Out: We have received a request to make masks for local nursing homes here in Columbia to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you wish to help with this urgent need please reach out to Bev Christianson. (573) 447-3277.
  • Death In Erickson Family: After battling illness for some time, James Erickson passed away Monday morning. James is the father of Doug and Daniel Erickson and brother of Walt Erickson. The family has decided to wait until after COVID-19 social distancing to hold a memorial service. We will give you more details when they become available. Please join us in praying for the Erickson family.
  • One Call Service and Email List: We are beefing up our One Call Now service and email database to keep better connected during this time of social distancing. If you would like a phone number or email address added please reply to this email with the information.
  • Re-Unite Via Zoom: We will continue our two Zoom classes and add a new one starting this coming Wednesday evening, April 1 at 6pm. You will need to have your own book to participate. Links are below for the books and Zoom:

             -Zoom Link Class: How to Win Friends and Influence People

              led by Pauletta Berry: Available in print and Kindle Print Version  / Kindle Version

             -Zoom Link Class: The Blue Zones 2nd Ed.  

              led by Peter Sutter: Available in print and Kindle The Blue Zones 2nd Ed.

            -Zoom Link Class: Experiencing God

               new class led by Pastor Hiram: Available in print and Kindle Experiencing God - Revised & Expanded

*You can make sure Zoom video and sound are both working on your phone or computer at any time by using this test link: https://zoom.us/test

Hiram Rester | Pastor, Columbia and Boonville, MO

Columbia Seventh-day Adventist Church: www.columbiasdachurch.com

Iowa-Missouri Conference: https://imsda.org

417-848-7650 | SabbathRester@gmail.com

P.S. - If you need any help or supplies call or text me directly: (417) 848-7650

-Send prayer requests to Pauletta: (573) 999-6811

-Please use your church directories to check on each other regularly.