COVID-19 Support

During a crisis like COVID-19, some actions are especially crucial for maintaining your physical and mental well-being.  As a church, we are called to help eachother...both in the church and the community.  Here are some ways you can help out or get assistance yourself.

**#1 Prayer!

**Socializing...while social distancing

     -Weekly adult sabbath school & church services

      >>>Sabbath School:  Starting 8/22, in-person sabbath schools for ages teenager and up with start up.  
            It will no longer be live streamed.  Current expected precautions will be taken, including
            requiring masks.  Begins at 10am.
     >>>Church Service Plans:  First, if you feel the need to remain sheltered-in-place please do not
            attend.  Church Service is live streamed for those that do not feel that they can attend in person.
            For those that can attend, aisles are widened and every other row is to remain empty.  Masks are
            required.  There will not be a bulletin. Tithes and offering will continue to be accepted online or by mail,
            and may also be dropped in the prayer box in the foyer.  Begins at 11am.

     -Mid-week services in the church (ReUnite services resumed on Sept 2, 6pm supper, 6:30 worship) 

     - Stay in contact with the One Call Now service and email database.  If you would like a phone number or

         email address added please email comosdachurch@gmail or call Pastor Hiram at (417) 848-7650


     - Masks Required Due To City Ordinance - The Columbia City Counsel has passed a "mask ordinance" which is          in effect for the next 90 days. "A mask will be required in all instances where it can not be expected to stay            at least 6 feet away from people outside of the immediate household." To comply, we would need masks               when we enter and exit the building and if seated within 6 foot of someone not of our household.

     -We have received a request to make masks for local nursing homes here in Columbia to help prevent the

        spread of COVID-19. If you wish to help with this urgent need please reach out to Bev Christianson.

        (573) 447-3277.

**Member care: Do you have a need or need any assistance?  Please email comosdachurch@gmail or

       call Pastor Hiram at (417) 848-7650

** the One who knows us best!  Besides prayer, here are some other resources online.

     -Verse of the day

     -3ABN (Broadcasting Network)